Brightly coloured cotton textile

Cotton Connections: From India to the High Street


31 March 2023 - 15 October 2023

Venue Lotherton

Visit the latest exhibition at Lotherton, exploring the last 300 years of cotton in Cotton Connections.

The exhibition showcases a rich tapestry of textiles and clothing from India and Europe, highlighting the importance of cotton as a material in all its forms.

From elegant outfits and garments to colourful wall hangings and modern styles, discover cotton’s important role in fashion, identity, trade, and the environment.

We ask ‘what does cotton mean to you’ and how might this differ to the people who produce it?

This exhibition has been co-curated with The Cotton Detectives, a group of 14 – 24-year-old volunteers based at Leeds Art Gallery, with support and research from the University of Leeds.

A range of events and talks will accompany the exhibition, see our events programme here.

The exhibition can be found on the first floor of Lotherton hall museum, in the fashion galleries. The exhibition is included with your general admission ticket or annual membership.

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