Two cuddly toy hedgehogs inside a little blue painted car made from cardboard

Hedgehog Hideaway Trail


01 May 2023 - 04 June 2023

Venue Leeds City Museum

Starting in Hedgehog Awareness Week, we’re putting on a family-friendly hedgehog trail around the museum.

Look high and low for the hedgehogs and find out more about these spiky, loveable creatures.

Below are some tips and activities that you can do at home to help look after hedgehogs that may visit your garden or local area.

  • Make a Hedgehog Highway in your fence – 13 x 13cm square gaps in the bottom of fences or walls should do it! Once created you can log these on the BIG Hedgehog Map
  • Create an undisturbed log pile that will offer shelter and food.
  • Offer water and meaty cat or dog food for hedgehogs – you can even build a feeding station to help keep the food safe for hedgehogs
  • Check areas carefully before mowing or strimming
  • Ditch pesticides and poisons
  • Ensure there is an easy route out of ponds & pools
  • Create a wild corner – leave a corner or edge to go wild supplying shelter and natural food for hedgehogs in the form of bugs and grubs!

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