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Fast x Slow Fashion: Experiences of Fashionable Consumption, 1720-2020


13 March 2020

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Venue Leeds City Museum

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Fast x Slow Fashion: Experiences of Fashionable Consumption 1720 – 2020 will investigate the varied experiences of selling, buying and consuming fashion over the past 300 years in a one-day conference.

Shopping for fashion is about more than economic exchange and the acquisition of material goods. It is about the performance and negotiation of fashionable identity, sensory stimulation and visual pleasure. Fashion retailers provide spaces in which individuals can reinvent themselves and negotiate their relationships to wider society, and consumer desire provides an opportunity for business people to build retail empires that change the dressing habits of nations.

Fashion retail is often at the forefront of social and economic change, with the way that publicity, merchandising and spectacle is used to sell fashion evolving in response to changing technologies of fashionable production and communication. Historically, there have been many different sites of fashionable consumption, from street markets to boutiques and spectacular department stores.

Ways in which fashion has been consumed have been even more varied, from the personal experience of commissioning a bespoke suit to the frustrated desire of noses pressed against a shop window, dreaming of the unobtainable behind the glass. Furthermore, experiences of fashionable consumption can be both material and visual, incorporating the experience of reading fashion publications and mail order catalogues in a domestic setting as well as that of the knowledgeable buyer who evaluates the quality of fabrics through touch.

Our key note speaker is Dr Serena Dyer, Early Career Academic Fellow at De Montfort University.

Tickets are £35pp. Student discount available.



10am – Registration and coffee

10.10am – Keynote by Dr Serence Dyer

11am – 12.30pm – Wendy Smith, Katie Cameron, Tabitha Baker

12-30 – 1.30pm – Lunch

1.30 – 3.15pm – Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas, Jenny Gilbert & Nadia Awal, Ruby Hodgson, Liz Tregenza

3.15-3.30pm – Break

3.30-5pm – Regina Lee Blaszczyk, Emily Taylor, Nathaniel Dafydd Beard

5pm – Close

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