A contemporary blue and green painting with wire overlay shaped into hands holding knives

Exhibition: Sara Barker: All Clouds are Clocks, All Clocks are Clouds


07 February 2020 - 19 September 2020

Venue Leeds Art Gallery

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Sara Barker’s sculptures delicately trace lines in space. Operating on the boundary between sculpture, painting and drawing, her work incorporates a combination of industrial and sculptural materials together with collage, painting and craft techniques, to create unique forms which draw viewers into a curious spatial imagination.

As part of the new exhibition, Barker present a major body of new ‘tray-trench’ works alongside key works from the Leeds Art Gallery collections that continue to influence her practice, including pieces by Prunella Clough and Shelagh Cluett. The conversation between works highlights a common language between painting and sculpture that is visceral, tactile and elemental in form.

If you’re unable to attend the gallery right now, then please check out our Sara Barker online exhibition.

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