On left is the Leeds Artists Show logo and on the right an image of dance performers in a space lit with pink lightHannah Buckley, Hollie Miller and Craig Scott, Blood Bone Breath, 2022. © Eleanor Sikorski and Hollie Miller

Leeds Art Gallery Lates: Leeds Artists Show Live


27 April 2023

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Venue Leeds Art Gallery

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On the final week of the exhibition, we invite you to attend a special evening event where you can discover the work of performance artists, sound artists, dance and drag artists, all selected as part of Leeds Artists Show 2023. Artists and performers will take over gallery spaces and the Tiled Hall café to create an evening of sensory exploration and intrigue featuring voices, bodies in movement and sounds; from discarded instruments to custom-built digital and analogue hardware. Artists include: the trio Hannah Buckley, Hollie Miller and Craig Scott, James Sewell, Pamela Crowe and Vee Dagger.

Please book your tickets in advance. 

Image credit: Hannah Buckley, Hollie Miller and Craig Scott, Blood Bone Breath, 2022. © Eleanor Sikorski and Hollie Miller

More about the artists:

Hannah Buckley, Hollie Miller and Craig Scott: Blood Bone Breath is a living installation in which dancer and choreographer Hannah Buckley, performance artist Hollie Miller and musician Craig Scott follow their senses to navigate intimacy, agency and being in relation to each other. Imagery emerges and disappears in cycles of desire, resting, holding and metamorphosis. The audience are invited into the red space to experience a constant folding and unfolding, where movement, sound and image meet as a way to prioritise softness, slowing down and deep listening.

James Sewell: will be performing his work Musicians don’t retire, they stop when there’s no more music in them, a 15 minute performance involving discarded musical instruments and re-purposed sound equipment and TV sets, creating live audio-visual loops with a haunting dystopian soundscape. This work explores a sense of anxiety in relation to time and a future obsessed with consumption. An inevitable looming catastrophe.

Pamela Crowe: SCRIPT is a triptych of three performed text works, River, Workshop theatre and Circumlocution about the articulation of self, spanning the experience of living in Leeds over 30 years, 1993-2023. The works explore social class and education, writing, routes and relationships in the city via narrative, place and character; from arriving in Leeds at 18 to study in the School of English, Workshop Theatre (University of Leeds) to a career in the arts and parenthood – culminating in the act of writing the texts in 2022. Crowe is an artist and writer working across text, voice and performance.

Vee Dagger: Dagger is a Leeds-based Taiwanese lesbian drag artist inspired by villainesses, overwrought horror, and birds. Performing since 2019, her work draws on the aesthetics of Taiwanese opera and lesbian identity to explore the melodrama of overwhelming emotion, while incorporating her interest in theatrical fashion. Dagger will perform I Will Watch Over You, a performance piece exploring lesbian obsession both erotic and maternal; taking on the form of a predatory sea siren promising endless care if you will drown in her arms. The piece draws from the Chinese myth of sea goddess Mazu, a silent woman who drowned saving her fisherman family and was thus elevated to divinity.

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