A view of the trees and bank of the River Aire at Kirkstall Abbey

Mindfulness Festival: Mindfulness, the Earth Element and the Dakini Principle


17 October 2019

1:45 pm - 2:40 pm

Venue Kirkstall Abbey

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A free event, with Zeenat Cameron from Insight for Wellbeing

Visitor Centre, Colonel North room

In this session of mindfulness and visualisation we will connect with the earth qualities of grounding, security and inner abundance. In cultivating these qualities we can embody the wisdom of the earth element – equanimity and acceptance. In meditation we will meet the Earth Dakini, the visualised form of this level of wisdom which will guide us and connect us to these positive qualities of the earth. Depicted as joyful feminine beings of light, Dakinis dance freely in the space around them symbolising our inherent capacity to move freely in the space of the awareness, wisdom and love that is our true nature.

Part of the Kirkstall Abbey Mindfulness, Wellbeing & Spirituality Festival 2019. Organised in collaboration with Leeds Mindfulness & Positive Emotion Enhancement Centre.

No need to book – just turn up.

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