Mindfulness at the Abbey: The Cosmic Tree in Shamanism and Beyond at Kirkstall Abbey

Mindfulness at the Abbey: Confronting & Healing Demons in the use of Phurba


05 November 2019

1:45 pm - 2:45 pm

Venue Kirkstall Abbey

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Leeds Mindfulness & Positive Emotion Enhancement Centre is working in partnership with Kirkstall Abbey to present a series of talks throughout 2019 on themes that have a mythic, spiritual and imaginative dimension connected with meditation and a creative contemplative life.

Originating from shamanism and early Buddhist and Hindu Tantra, the ‘demon dagger’ offers a deep symbolic fascination for many working with healing their own negative energies. Explore some history and accounts of using this ancient magical sacred technology.

This talk is free, and no booking is required.

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