Leeds Mindfulness Festival – Women’s Practice Day I


13 October 2023

2:15 pm - 4:00 pm

Venue Abbey House Museum

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As part of Leeds Mindfulness festival, we invite you to join us for a day of mindfulness and meditation practice designed especially for women.

There are two sessions as part of the day and you are welcome to come along for one or both.

The Sword of Durga – A Tantric Practise for Women’s Empowerment

2.15 – 3pm

Tantra is a path of liberation, a system of meditation practises for healing and transformation. During this session you will receive an introduction to the Tantric practise of Durga connecting with the feminine source of power, protection and wisdom. Durga means “fortress” and is usually personified as a beautiful golden goddess astride a lion, with qualities both fierce and compassionate. When we approach Durga in meditation practise, we access the energies needed to relieve our fears and difficulties and the strength and inner clarity needed to find our own agency in the situations in which we feel disempowered.

This practise helps us to step back from, and even cut through old limiting modes of thinking and feeling, bringing huge focus, awareness and presence to our being. This meditation incorporates core tantric tools of mindfulness, mantra and visualisation.

Led by Zeenat Cameron, an initiate in the Hindu Tantra Shri Vidya tradition who has been authorised to share the practices by her teacher and lineage holder Parvathi Nath.

Pay As You Feel.

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Mindfulness for Women

3.15 – 4pm

Dharmacharini Uddyotani and the Leeds Mindfulness Cooperative team will lead an introductory session on mindfulness for women.

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Part of Leeds Mindfulness Festival, two weeks of free mindfulness activities across Leeds.

This event takes place in the Gatehouse community space, Abbey House Museum.

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