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Amazing Animals

Get up close to animals from around the world. In this workshop pupils will learn about adaptations, habitats and evolution by investigating a variety of birds, insects and exotic animal skeletons before visiting our store, where we keep over 800,000 natural science specimens.

Amazing animals

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11 February 2019

Get inspired!

We have over one million inspirational objects covering dress and textiles, world cultures, archaeology, geology, social history and natural history.

Get inspired

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Waterforce! A green energy source

Explore the mill to discover how water wheels work and discuss forces, then build working working model waterwheels, evaluate them on a test rig and explore the use of dynamos to generate electricity.


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Wartime at Thwaite Watermill

What did the Horne family of Thwaite Watermill do to help the war effort?

Wartime at Thwaite Watermill

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What did the Victorians do at Thwaite Watermill?

Follow the lives of the family, the servants and the workers of Thwaite Watermill as the production of putty becomes more mechanised.

What did the Victorians do at Thwaite Watermill

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Celebrate Christmas with the Horne family

Become a servant for the Horne family for the day and help them to celebrate a Victorian Christmas at Thwaite Watermill.

Celebrate Christmas with the Horne family

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Back to Nature

See the natural sciences in action! Explore Thwaite Island as a habitat for butterflies and micro-habitats for local wildlife.

Back to nature

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Leonora Cohen, the Leeds Suffragette

Evaluate archive sources to discover Leonora, the Leeds Suffragette. Do different sources show us different versions of the past?

Leonora Cohen

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09 February 2019

Life in Asia

Handle Asian artefacts and journey through the Voices of Asia gallery.

Life in Asia

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Use metal detectors to discover Leeds’ Anglo-Saxon gold jewellery, search for evidence of Christian conversion on stone crosses, and discover Northumbrian kings on tiny coins.

A photograph of 5 ornate gold rings. The middle one is the largest, and has a ruby in the middle.

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Ancient Worlds: Romans

Are you ready for a Roman quest in Yorkshire?


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Chronology: Local history treasure hunt

Develop chronological understanding with a difference! Pupils become the heads of a giant timeline, from Stone Age to modern day.


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Ancient Worlds: Greeks

This popular workshop delves into our archaeology collections. Transport your class to Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greeks

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08 February 2019

Snow animal adventures – available in winter

How did the Snow Leopard get his spots?  Why does the Polar Bear have such small ears?  How does the Sea Lion keep warm?

Snow animal adventures

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Animal antics at the Museum

Take a walk on the wild side in our Life on Earth Gallery. Animals and skulls will be brought out especially for you!

Animal Antics

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That’s not my tiger

A museum explorer will lead your group on an animal adventure through the arctic, jungle and beyond.

Thats not my tiger

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Ancient Worlds: Ancient Egyptians

This popular workshop explores our archaeology collections. Go on an action-packed adventure where pupils step into the tomb of the museum’s mummy,

Ancient Egyptians

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The Industrial Revolution and the impact on factory workers

Leeds Industrial Museum provides the stimulus for students to explore the theme of nineteenth century factory reform.


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Wonders of weaving

Research the textile process from raw fleece to the finished garment all under one roof.  

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Mill children

Pupils will be given jobs that children would have carried out in the mill and be able to experience what it might have been like to live, dress and work as a child during the height of the Industrial Revolution.

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Calling Leeds evacuees

Immerse pupils in a Living History experience to discover what life was really like for children during the Second World War.

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