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School Workshop: All About Penguins!

Find out all about penguins in this school workshop at Wildlife World for younger pupils.

Humboldt penguins at Wildlife World

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09 March 2022

School Workshop: Adaptation Investigators

Discover how animals are adapted to increase their chances of survival, through behavioural or physical/anatomical traits.

Capybara at Wildlife World

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10 September 2021

School Workshop: Living in the Dark

Find out how animals adapt to live in the dark in this nocturnal schools workshop with Wildlife World at Lotherton.


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21 July 2021

Local History GCSE Tours

Tailor made tours for GCSE students exploring the values, beliefs and attitudes of families who lived at Temple Newsam.

A group of secondary school children standing outside looking at the exterior of the Tudor Temple Newsam House

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17 September 2020

School Workshop: Lotherton Topic Days

We provide activities to inspire your pupils’ creativity and learning in a varied and wondrous setting. These can include a yoga warm up, investigating and exploring, giant drawing and object handling.

Close up of the burgess table at Lotherton

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21 May 2019

Gallery and the city

Cross-curricular workshop bringing together art and history for one or both curriculum areas or knowledge of careers in the art world.

A close-up of a hand writing something on a piece of paper with two other people in the background

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11 February 2019

Cultural activists

Issue focused workshop using carefully selected artworks to initiate exploration of culture within the wider world and support reflection on attributes needed to manage growing-up and adulthood.

A group of young people are stood in an art gallery looking at painted portraits hung on a wall

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ARTeam Techniques

Specialist-led workshops to develop and improve skills in a specific arts practice or Arts Award.

A group of young adults are sat in an art gallery having a chat in front of some modern artwork on the wall by a staircase

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Take one picture

Practical cross-curricular workshop using learning strategies from the National Gallery’s exciting initiative.

A young girl in an orange long sleeved top is looking at a marble textured sculpture in an art gallery

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Super Sensory Sketchbooks

Playful workshop to engage all senses in exploring, making and sharing through immersive experience.

coloured pencils are sitting in a red pot on a wooden table surrounded by other craft materials

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Thinking making

Design technology workshop to understand and solve real design problems. Selects from exhibition organisation, shop products, visitor interactives and bespoke seating, or propose innovative and enterprising new ideas.

Thinking making

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Ways of being an art detective

Investigation workshop using looking and thinking to explore artworks in a gallery. Enquiry and literacy skills are combined in thoughtful ways with memories and experiences to form and share opinions in groups.

Someone is writing on a piece of paper with a black pen. There is various stationary on the table including a pencil case, pens and the paper says Leeds Art Gallery on it

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Picturing design

Creative workshop to develop art skills and confident use of materials and ideas. Exploration of artworks in the gallery stimulates imagination and experimentation for creative work in small groups.

ARteam techniques

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Theory of evolution: Using bone measurements

Provide your students with a measurable means of evaluating the theory of evolution by measuring skulls to illustrate man’s development and compare human development to that of our animal counterparts.

Theory of evolution

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Light waves: The colour of nature

Explore some of the properties of light through experiments. Construct a spectroscope to examine white light.

Light waves

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First World War: Beyond the trenches

Use objects, documentary evidence and discussion to find out the local experience of war, from the Leeds PALS and Rifles to the stories of the people they left behind.

First World War

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Stone Age to Iron Age Britain

How did Britain change from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and then to the Iron Age? How do we know when there were no written records?

Stone Age to Iron Age Britain

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Walk like an Egyptian

Forget Pharaohs and pyramids, see how the everyday citizens of ancient Egypt lived and worked.

Walk like an Egyptian

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What have the Romans ever done for us?

Pupils will explore how the Romans lived day to day in Britain by handling artefacts from Dalton Parlours, a Roman villa near Wetherby, and investigate the legacy they left behind.

What have the Romans ever done for us

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Rocks and Fossils

Where do rocks come from? How are rocks classified? What are fossils and where are they found?

Rocks and fossils

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Science in the workplace: Behind the scenes

Find out about real science in the workplace! See how science is integral to museums from storage to object preservation and cleaning.

Science in the workplace

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