Font installation guidance

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    Install the required fonts

    Single click the required font, then click the blue INSTALL button located in the bottom right area of the window. Depending on your device’s screen resolution you may need to scroll horizontally to reveal the blue button. Installation should take a few seconds.

    Please note that this process can only be carried out on one font at a time.

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    Test the fonts

    Close and reopen any Microsoft Office or Adobe applications, then attempt to use the newly installed fonts in one.


The fonts I need are not in my application catalogue

Font licence distribution is managed by the Audience Development team. If you are new to your team or site it is possible that the required licences have not yet been allocated to you. Please email with your payroll number to request licenses for the fonts you require.

I’ve installed the fonts I need but can’t use them

Close and reopen any open Microsoft Office or Adobe applications, then attempt to select the fonts. If the fonts are still not available please reboot your device and attempt to use them again.

GT Walsheim bold is not available after installation

Type ‘software center’ (sic) in to the Windows start menu, then open the Software Center application. Once open, click the ‘Installed Software’ tab, uninstall GT-Walsheim-Fonts-2-0-R1, then reinstall it via the ‘Available Software’ tab.

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