Leeds Discovery Centre

Powerchairs in Sport

A blog post exploring the history of power wheelchairs and how they can help people with disabilities to take part in sport.
a person's hands wearing white gloves holding a megalodon tooth

Megalodon Teeth

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Find out more about the megalodon, a gigantic extinct shark species, and why its fossilised teeth are so special.
Specimens from store 2 at Leeds Discovery Centre

Deadly discoveries in store as secrets of city’s danger room revealed

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A black widow spider found inside a box of supermarket grapes is among the hair-raising discoveries safely stored in Leeds’s hidden danger room. The highly venomous arachnid is one of hundreds of specimens secured inside the unassuming…
An umbrella being held by Assistant curator of dress and textiles at Leeds Discovery Centre

Historic umbrella project is a brolly good show

A collection of beautiful umbrellas is being saved for a rainy day thanks to a painstaking conservation project. More than 230 umbrellas and parasols housed at the Leeds Discovery Centre are being carefully documented and catalogued by students…
Curator Milo Phillips with a hippo skull at Leeds Discovery Centre

Hip, hip hooray as curators find the whole tooth behind museum’s natural wonder

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Museum experts in Leeds turned dental detectives this week to get straight to the root of an historic hippo headscratcher. The team at the Leeds Discovery Centre were preparing a colossal hippopotamus skull for display when…
Emperor penguin and Natural Science curator

Putting 100-year-old penguin on ice is a happy feat for museum curators

A museum’s magnificent stuffed penguin will spend the next two weeks chilling out in a giant, state-of-the-art freezer as curators give damaging bugs and beetles the cold shoulder. The impressive emperor penguin has been put on ice at Leeds…