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2 black and white photographs of young girls dressed in costume. Nora's dress is made of newspaper and has black gloves and a paper hat, and Kathleen is adorned in flowers.

The Children of the 1891 Fancy Dress Ball: The Passavant Women

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Miss Nora Passavant dressed as 'The Leeds Daily Papers' at the 1891 Fancy Dress Ball. Joshua King explores the life of Nora and the rest of the Passavant women.
a page of a photograph album featuring a black and white photograph of a young boy dressed all in black with a gnarly cape, sitting with folded arms.

The Children of the 1891 Fancy Dress Ball: Wilfred Nicholson

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The second in our 1891 Fancy Dress Ball series, this time on the life of Wilfred Nicholson who attended dressed as Mephistopheles.

The Bomb that Struck Leeds City Museum, 1941

On 15 March 1941, Leeds City Museum - as it stood in it's original spot on Park Row - was struck by a bomb.

Leeds Museums and Galleries gets International

Tejshvi Jain, founding director of ReReeti, describes her experience at LMG during a visit to the UK.
A statue on a brick plinth in the middle of the roundabouts: the statue is of a man iin army gear with a wreath of poppies at his feet.

Arthur Louis Aaron: A WW2 Hero From Leeds

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Uncover the heroic story of Arthur Louis Aaron: an RAF pilot from Leeds who "set an example of devotion to duty which has seldom been equaled and never surpassed".