(OLD) Crime

The Dennisons of Leeds: Pioneers of Penny Slot Machines

Curator Kitty Ross reveals the story behind the popular 1930s 'Murder in the Museum' penny slot machine at Abbey House Museum! One of Abbey House Museum's star objects, the penny slot machine 'Murder in the Museum' has recently been restored…

The Morley Brank or Scold’s Bridle

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Discover the gruesome Morley Brank, a cruel device used to punish those who spoke out of turn as early as the 16th century.

The Travels of a Leeds Police Helmet

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A Leeds City Police badge from the Victorian era has recently come into our collection, and it's history is certainly not clean cut...

Leeds Gas Riots

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Curator Kitty Ross explores the riots that broke out in New Wortley in 1890, through objects we have in our collection.