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Dried corn on a herbarium sheet

Rooted in History

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Leeds is home to thousands of dried plant specimens. Discover the fascinating history of the collection, which is the focus of an exciting new project.
Curator with Megaloceros giganteus at Leeds City Museum

Museum’s deer friend gets spruced up in time for Christmas

Sporting the biggest antlers the world has ever seen and standing more than seven feet tall, it’s a super-sized specimen that could even give Rudolf a run for his money. And this week experts have been treating Leeds City Museum’s 10,000…
Ichthyosaur fossilised flipper

Family helps museum piece together Yorkshire’s prehistoric fossil flipper find

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For teenage fossil hunter Pauline Hoggard, it was truly the find of a lifetime. One summer’s day in 1949, the eagle-eyed 16-year-old spotted the spectacular remains of a fearsome marine reptile, preserved millions of years ago in what was…
A sideways look at the taxidermy tiger at Leeds City Museum

The Tiger Who Came to Leeds

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The tiger on display at Leeds City Museum is one of our most well-known and popular objects. Curator Clare explores its troublesome origins, and how it came to be in our collection.
A black and white photograph of a woman looking into a microscope with a notebook next to herAlfred Eisenstaedt, Time & Life Pictures, Getty Images

Dead Inspiring Women in Science: Rachel Carson

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Celebrate International Women's Day with the story of scientist Rachel Carson, who exposed the harmful effects of pesticides.
A drawer full of tiger moth specimens.

Dead Inspiring: Insect collections and empowering young scientists

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Our Dead Inspiring project will inspire a new generation of female scientists and conservationists, and show that entomology is a subject for everyone to be a part of.
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