Fragments of 3 Roman Sculptures

Roman Sculptural Fragments

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Find out about classical mythology and archaeology through our collection of Roman sculptural fragments, researched by Careers for All placement Sarah.
Ancient Egyptian coffin detail

Ancient Egyptian Spirituality

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Discover the stories of Ancient Egyptian spirituality told in the Ancient Worlds gallery at Leeds City Museum, and why we can still learn from them today.
Sloped handwriting that is very scrawled with errors scribbled out

Transcribing the Past

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Volunteers share their experience working on the transcription of a notebook, found in the rubble of Leeds City Museum after the Leeds Blitz of 1941.
A handwritten page showing a list of objects written in very small hard to read writing

Lanuvium and the Leeds Blitz

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This notebook contains lists of objects unearthed from the rubble left by the Leeds Blitz in 1941. But how did they come to be here in the first place?
A photograph of a brown brick building surrounded by deep snow and snowy skies,

Celebrating Cistercian Women

Discover more about the daily lives of the monks of Kirkstall Abbey from archaeology curator Kat Baxter's recent visit to a Norwegian Cistercian monastery.
Rebecca Lang from the Museum of London looking at some loose teeth at Leeds City Museum. She is working at a desk over a white table cloth. There is a few instruments on the table. She is working under a bright light. There is a skull next to her hands.

Farewell to ‘Skeletons’ at Leeds City Museum

On 7 January we said goodbye to our final visitors to the last leg of the exhibition tour, developed in partnership with Wellcome Collection and the Museum of London.