Leeds Museums & Galleries Photography Policy

Photography for personal use

Leeds Museums & Galleries allows handheld, non-flash still photography by visitors for personal, non- that no copyright is infringed.

To protect the requirements of lenders to our exhibitions photography may not be permitted in certain areas. Where photography is not allowed, signage will be visible.

We reserve the right to ask visitors not to take photographs in the interests of security or conservation. Please show consideration for the privacy and experience of other visitors when taking photographs.

Respectful photography of the Leeds Mummy at Leeds City Museum is allowed and reflects our policy on the display of human remains.

Wedding photography

Wedding photography is allowed at some sites but a facility charge applies in all cases (professional or amateur photography) and bookings must be made. Please contact the site for details.

If staff have concerns that photography may be for commercial use or private gain then you will be asked to provide ID and sign a disclaimer.

Purchasing artwork

Many reproductions of historic artworks in the collection are available as postcards or prints on the Magnolia Box website.

Photography for Press use

Press photographers responding to our press releases are asked to contact the site concerned for information. Many exhibitions come with press images available for use.

Other commercial uses

Licences must be sought well in advance for any photography for reproduction, commercial use or private gain.