Our vision is to create deeper connections with the people we serve using the collections and venues we care for, and to widen our impact on the world.

We have a reputation as a thoughtful museum service and have a leading role in developing best practice and supporting partners across the sector.

Deepening Connections, Widening Impact is our new strategy; from 2022-27 we will be working towards six outcomes for people, communities and the wider world:

  • We will be more sustainable and responsible, financially and environmentally

  • We will provide higher quality audience engagement and experiences, both physically and digitally

  • We will continue to be a leader in collaborative, sustainable, accessible cultural learning and creative skills development

  • We will have an audience and workforce that is representative and reflective of the city

  • We will have collections and heritage assets that are better known, better understood, and better cared for

  • We will have international reputation and reach, and play an important role in Leeds 2023 and its legacy