A colourful but old painting of Gawthorpe near Leeds. A crest and some descriptive writing are at the bottom of the painting, which shows a grand house amidst some fields.

The Origins of the Gascoigne Family

Delve into the stories and myths surrounding medieval residents of Lotherton, the Gascoigne family.
Woman standing next to a table holding a bag

Midwife’s journey among migration stories which helped shape Leeds

12 July 2019 When a young Gloria Hanley left the Caribbean for England, it was the beginning of a story which would touch the lives of hundreds of Leeds families. Her long and distinguished career as midwife spanned more than 40…
A blank luggage label of the type given to Belgian refugees who arrived in Otley during the First World War

Documents reveal how Leeds folk stepped in to give refugees a home

03 July 2019 Historic documents revealing how a Leeds market town embraced refugees fleeing the horrors of war-torn Europe will go on display in a new exhibition this month. The century-old collection, which will be displayed for…
Image of some of the work witch will be on show at Leeds Industrial Museum this weekend for The Doffer and Fancy

Museum’s industrial engines become artist’s mechanical muse

27 June 2019 The mechanical giants which powered Leeds’s historic dominance of the global textile trade may not be the most obvious artist’s muse. But a new exhibition in what was once the world’s largest woollen mill will reimagine…